Tips & Tricks

HeelzFirst founder, and high heel enthusiast, Dee Hays answers some commonly asked questions on wearing heels comfortably while preventing blisters.

Everyone’s feet sweat. Yes, it is best to keep your feet as dry as you can to help prevent blisters. Try using baby powder on the bottom and sides of your shoes.

All feet naturally expand during the day with body heat, fluid retention, and other physical changes that take place, so it’s best to make sure you have a little room in your shoes.

First of all, NEVER take your heels off during the day and put them back on. This is a recipe for pain (blisters and fit issues). Only remove your heels when you are done with them for the day, or have other shoes to change into with you.

No, don't add foreign objects into your shoes, this includes using extensions to help put the shoe on, as well as toe rings, etc. These can become potential pain points.

High heels take a little time to break in. Just make sure to buy your high heels with comfort in mind - size up a little.

Don't let a bad day in high heels deter you from your love of high heel shoes! Buy the right shoes in the right size (size up), and learn to wear them well as you strut your stuff!

Practice makes perfect! Especially when wearing heels. Practice at home when unsure about the height of your heel. Make your first outing a short one, like going to church on Sunday or to lunch with a friend, before you tackle a full day in at the office or try to run through an airport in them. Never ever break your heels in on a day you are traveling!