Like so many women, Dee has always loved her high heels. They make her feel like her most confident, authentic self. For as long as she can remember, Dee wore them everywhere, all the time. But life presents twists and turns, and - for Dee - that included a long-time back injury, surgery, and a long recovery. She thought that might be the end of her life in heels.

Dee wasn’t ready to give up hope so she tapped into her engineering background and went to work to come up with a solution. Dee created HeelzFirst…. actual Fitwear for your high heels creating comfort and support. HeelzFirst is a soft garment that slides around your ankle while enveloping the heel of your foot inside your high heel shoe. The result is an “Aha” moment.

As soon as she created this fix for herself, she began to dream of helping women everywhere love their high heels ……comfortably. Dee’s goal is to provide comfort in high heels for all women on the go. She has developed her HeelzFirst collection into a variety of different colors and fabrics to suit the style of women everywhere and is expanding her selection even more! She can’t wait to share the ‘Aha!’ moment with more women as they experience their feet comfortably in place walking in high heels with HeelzFirst.

Purpose & Mission

The main purpose HeelzFirst was created was safety. After my back surgery, I looked forward to wearing high heels again after a long recovery. My biggest fear was falling which I wouldn’t be able to tolerate physically. I worked to create a soft, comfortable garment without external closure apparatuses like zippers or buttons (potential pain or shoe damage points). It worked, HeelzFirst is a single garment that starts with putting it on your shoes “heel first”, flipping the garment over the back of shoe and lastly sliding your foot through the garment into your shoe. Voila! My foot was secured inside the shoe without the heel slipping or moving at all on my foot. Every step was secure.

The second purpose of HeelzFirst was a bonus. It’s the “Aha” in HeelzFirst. HeelzFirst actually keeps the heel of your foot to the back of your shoe, removing that pointed pressure on your toes and ball of your foot that causes the pain, making you high heels fit like your tennis shoes….. comfortably!