Executive Overview
Accessibility That Meets All of Our Customers’ Needs
Our objective is to provide the best shopping experience for all users. We use the latest technologies and best practices. From the very beginning, our website development standards are designed with a commitment to provide the best shopping experience for every customer. We don’t use automation or overlay tools because they do not provide the best user experience and are prone to errors. Every site is designed and tested to ensure the underlying technology we use effectively supports users with disabilities or anyone using ADA-assisted tools.

We go through multiple forms of testing to make sure our underlying ADA technology is meeting standard practices. This process is also ongoing. As our website properties continue to change over time, tools are added, new promotions replace old promotions, and it is vital that we continually regulate ongoing performance. Note: Shopify controls the checkout process in all Shopify websites, and this area of the website is already ADA compliant.

Consumer Feedback
No website can function effectively without the ongoing support and feedback of our HeelzFirst customers. We give our customers easy access to us, letting them ask questions or raise concerns about the issues they have about ADA or any website usability struggles they may have.

Accessibility Assistance
We provide online assistance for any use that may have a technical problem. We invite any feedback or comments to help improve the user experience. Consumers accessing any part of the website can call us at 918-633-6110 or access our online support by emailing us at info@heelzfirst.com.

The HeelzFirst Family

Chris Cortilet CMO & Product Developer